Video captures hordes of migrants being smuggled into Texas

Alarming footage shows a huge line of migrants being smuggled across the Rio Grande into Texas — as Republican leaders slam President Biden for allowing the crisis, which he has insisted doesn’t exist, to spiral out of control.  

Jaeson Jones, host of the website Tripwires and Triggers — a retired captain with the Texas Department of Public Safety who speaks out about the threat posed by unsecured borders — captured the dramatic video and posted it Thursday on Twitter.

A huge line of migrants makes its way toward the Texas border.

It shows a massive line of people being led down an embankment to the river, where they are placed on rubber dinghies and rowed by masked men across the border into Texas.

Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas), who has assailed the Biden administration’s immigration policies, was among several politicians who shared the clip.

“For political purposes, they’re perfectly fine having open borders,” Roy said this week, according to Politico. “Secure borders is pro-immigrant, pro-America and pro-our values. And the Biden administration doesn’t care.”

Migrant families and children climb the banks of the Rio Grande River into the United States.

Hordes of Central American migrants — including thousands of unaccompanied children — have rushed across in recent weeks, a crisis that the White House’s coordinator on the border conceded Wednesday is presumably tied to messaging from the Biden administration.

Statistics released Wednesday by US border officials reveal that the surge of children at the US-Mexico border is worse than previously reported — with nearly 30,000 unaccompanied minors crossing in a single month.

Migrant families and children sit in the back of a police truck for transport after they crossed the Rio Grande River into the United States.

The one-month total in February is nearly as high as the count of unaccompanied minors in the entire year of 2020 and is five times higher than the 5,871 unaccompanied minors in January, which itself was an increase from 4,995 in December.


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